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Why would someone want to work in the UK?

With a vibrant urban environment, stunning rural scenery, over 7,000 miles of breathtaking coastline, and rich history and culture, it’s no wonder this historic nation draws more foreign workers than any other nation. It remains a top destination for healthcare professionals looking for a luxurious lifestyle and fruitful professional advantages. 

Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa

Workers who have a job offer in the UK and wish to work seasonally in horticulture or poultry production with a sponsor who is an authorised scheme operator may apply for a Temporary Work-Seasonal Worker Visa.

One who chooses the horticulture work route as a seasonal worker can only remain in the UK for six months during any 12 months.  A person who works in poultry production can stay in the UK for up to a year, starting no earlier than 2 October and ending no later than 31 December.

The Seasonal Worker visa is not a path to permanent residency, and applicants cannot be joined by partners or children who are dependent on them.

 Conditions for a Seasonal Worker Visa for Temporary Employment

You must demonstrate to UK Visas and Immigration that you are eligible for a Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa by demonstrating the following:

You are over the age of 18;

You possess a current “Certificate of Sponsorship” from your employer that contains details about the position that has been offered to you.

You will be employed in a position that qualifies under “horticulture” or “poultry production”.

You have at least £1,270 in cash on hand that has been held for at least 28 days, or your employer has agreed to pay at least £1,270 towards your first month’s expenses in the UK;

You have submitted all necessary biometric data and paid the visa application fee and immigration health charge.

Under the general grounds for refusal, you are not a victim of refusal.

Your situation will help you figure out what you need to do.  For professional guidance, you might want to speak with an immigration attorney.

It would be best if you had a job offer from a sponsor approved by the Home Office before you can apply for a Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa.  We cannot independently set up job offers in the UK or sponsor visa applicants since we are only authorised to act as legal representatives.

Certificate of Sponsorship (Cos) Requirement

To obtain a Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa, you must have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship for the role you are planning to do. This is recorded electronically.

Your Certificate of Sponsorship must have been issued by a sponsor who:

Is listed as A-rated on the Home Office’s register of licensed sponsors; and

Has an endorsement from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs about the Seasonal Worker route; and

Is licensed by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority.

Your Certificate of Sponsorship must have been issued up to three months before your Seasonal Worker visa application date.  If the Certificate of Sponsorship confirms that the role is in the poultry production sector, the date of application must be on or before 15 November each year.

Your Certificate of Sponsorship must include certain mandatory information, including:

Details of your name, job and salary.

A start date which is no more than three months after the date your Seasonal Worker visa application.

Confirmation that the Certificate of Sponsorship has not been used in a previous application which was either granted or refused and has not been withdrawn by the sponsor or cancelled by the Home Office.

Confirmation that the position complies with relevant legislation such as the relevant Agricultural Wages Order rate, where this applies, and the Working Time Regulations.

Confirmation that you will be paid at least £10.42 for each hour worked.

Your Certificate of Sponsorship must confirm that you will:

Be paid at least £10.42 for each hour worked; and

If you are being sponsored in the horticulture sector or as a food operative, poultry catcher/handler, poultry vaccinator or poultry meat packer in the poultry production sector, receive at least 32 hours of paid employment each week; and

If sponsored as a butcher, bird/game dresser, killer and plucked, pucker, poulterer, poultry processor, poultry sticker or trusser in the poultry production sector, be paid at least £26,200 per year.

Your Sponsor can grant you a multiple-entry Certificate of Sponsorship, allowing you to leave and return to the UK.

The hourly rate only includes guaranteed basic gross pay (before income tax and including employee pension and national insurance contributions) and does not include other pay and benefits.

If the applicant is being sponsored to work more than 48 hours a week, only the salary for the first 48 hours a week will be considered towards the salary threshold of £26,200.

If the applicant is being sponsored to work a pattern where the regular hours are not the same each week, resulting in uneven pay, work more than 48 hours in some weeks can be considered towards the salary threshold of £26,200, providing the average over a regular cycle (which can be less than, but not more than, 17 weeks) is not more than 48 hours a week. Any unpaid rest weeks will count towards the average when considering whether the salary thresholds are met.

Here are some of the services we offer to help you obtain a work visa in the UK:

Visa Assessment: Our experts will provide personalised strategies for applying for a UK work visa.

Job Search Assistance: Your skills and experience will be used to find the right job opportunities.

Application Preparation: I want to help you prepare all the necessary documents and forms.

Application Submission: Our team will submit Your visa application to the UK Home Office for you.

Ongoing Support: We will support and guide you throughout the application process.